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Be empowered. Have Your Say.

The Your Say project is simple: we empower you to have your say on a wide range of local issues via free, anonymous, online surveys. And by pooling the community’s answers together we get to find out what Gibraltar Says. Sign up to get involved in this week's survey.


For more in depth detail on what we do and how we do it see FAQ’s

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What Gibraltar says

What Gibraltar says


Of course. Your responses are used for statistical analysis and do not contain any personal identification data. For example, our results would include aggregate statements such as ‘20% of women are in favour of the new housing regulations’. Your name and identity will never be included.

In fact, you will notice that we will never ask you for any information that will allow us to identify you by your responses. We want to keep all our member's repsonses anonymous – even from us! We use your email address to send you an external link to a survey created in a different system so the responses to the surveys are always anonymous (infact this link can be accessed via our social media platforms and website). Therefore, survey responses are NOT matched to your email address, instead to the orginial profile survey you completed via a randomly generated membership number that ONLY YOU know!

Please see our Privacy Policy for complete details.

We can weight data so that it better reflects the composition of the population, this means our survey results are a good representation of the whole population. We can consider variables like gender, age and previous voting decisions in our analysis. 

For example, if 42% of the population are male and 58% female, however the composition of the survey sample is more of a 50/50 split. Then we would decrease the weighting of male responses (so the 42 men count as if they were 50) and increase the weighting of the female responses (so the 58 women count as if they were 50).

It is impossible to completely guarantee that every single respondent is always giving their honest opinion, however we have a number of procedures in place to combat this issue. 

Firstly, we ask classification questions to double check that there is consistency in key information.

Secondly, we ensure our surveys are not time bound, so respondents can take their time and respond honestly. 

Finally and most importantly, with Gibraltar being such a close knit community, we took the decision that it was crucial that all responses are anonymous in order to encourage honest responses. That is why we do not want to know your name, your full address or your full date of birth. This is also why we never match up your membership number with your email address. Only YOU know your membership number. 

This is a valid point. We can mitigate this potential bias by not only matching up our samples demographically to the rest of the population, but also attitudinally. This is why we ask about past voting choices. Research has shown that when we weight data by past voting choices you are more likely to get an accurate result then if you weight data according to things such as gender.

It is important we ask you a number of personal details so that we can ensure our sample is a good reflection of the whole population - this is vital in order to yield reliable results. That being said, we never ask you enough information to identify you and we cannot match respondents to email addresses, thereby preserving the anonymity of responses (See Q1 above). Instead our analysts simply know that member 12AB (for example) responded in a certain way. When they analyse our data they are only able to analyse anonymous responses from profiles within the sample.

Finally, these demographic questions also serve the important purpose of allowing for qualifying questions as a way to identify and mitigate fake profiles.

Your Say is an opportunity to have your voice heard. We run online based polls on politics, public affairs, products, brands and other issues. Your Say polls are taken by people, from all over Gibraltar, who wish to have their opinions heard. It is free to join for anyone aged 16 plus and living or working in Gibraltar.


We know your time is precious, so we try to keep our surveys as short as possible, aiming for 2-5 minutes to complete. Normally around 10 short questions, with some opportunities for you to expand your thoughts. If a survey is going to be exceptionally long we will advise you before starting.


We email all our members when there is a new survey. You can choose to answer it by clicking the link in the email. We also update our website homepage and Facebook and Twitter social media pages with the latest opinion survey - you can click on those links too.


Follow the link here to get a reminder of your membership number. Please remember to keep it secret and safe :)

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Your Say conducts our own poll on topical issues so that your opinions are added to the public debate. On occassion, Your Say collaborates with individuals and organisations, however we do not charge for polls, market research or sell results as we are not a trading business. Instead we are currently in the growth of membership stage. When we collaborate we encourage our collaborators to provide prizes to encourage greater engagement with our surveys - this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

In all cases we are committed to being non-partisan and approach all surveys from an independent perspective. 

More importantly, no matter who we collobrate with, all our surveys need to adhere to our values of being non-bias, preserve anonymity of responses, be factually correct, well-intentioned and quick & easy to complete. If this is not the case we would refuse to collobarate. 

You can read results of many of our polls on our website. See the section ‘What Gibraltar Says’ on our website. 

The results of the monthly survey for The Gibraltar Chronicle can be found in the first Monday issue of every month of the paper.


You may be entered into a prize draw when a new survey is released.The prize can include cash prizes, vouchers for a particular shop or restaurant in Gibraltar or a product such as an ipad. You will always be advised if a prize is up for grabs and what it is.

We run a monthly YourSay poll for The Gibraltar Chronicle where the prize is an annual digital subscription to the paper.

See our terms and conditions for more info here:


Absolutely not. We will never give, rent or sell your e-mail or other personal data to any third parties. We want to hear what you say, not tell you what others say!


In order to withdraw consent you must send a letter to 293 Main Street stating your membership number and year of birth expressing your wish to be removed from the Your Say database. Please do not state your name or sign this letter. Also please do not email us this request. In doing so, you are able to retain your anonymity. 


See our Privacy Policy for a list of your data protection right.

This week's survey explores public perception in Gibraltar of the Covid-19 vaccine. It has been done in collaboration with the Chronicle and Public Health Gibraltar.

The online survey prepared by YourSay in consultation with Public Health Gibraltar is nine questions long and will take participants less than two minutes to complete.

The survey is important for Public Health Gibraltar to help it ascertain the uptake of vaccination prior to any campaigns.

The Chronicle is offering a prize of an annual digital subscription to the paper for one lucky winner. 

See full article here ahead of survey release. 


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Once you have confirmed your email account, you will recieve a second email with:

1) Your membership number 


2) Link to the your first profiling survey (COMPLETE IT PLEASE)

More information: The back end of our system automatically issues you with a membership number which is emailed to you(Pl ease make sure to check your spam / junk box). This membership number is only known to YOU and allows us to keep your answers to any future surveys anonymous.

This same membership email, will also contain a link to your first profiling survey. Here we will ask you for some personal information, enough to put you within a demographic of the community but never enough to identify who you are. For more in depth detail on what we do and how we do it see our FAQ’s

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What Gibraltar Says

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Want to know what Gibraltar has to say on a particular issue?

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