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Results: Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

Results: Coronavirus Image

No doubt, it has been a very strange last few days as our community braces for Covid 19. We sent out our Coronavirus survey the day the first confirmed case of the virus was known. Since then there have been many government announcements, many questions and many answers. Below are the results of a snapshot in time, we hope to give you more on how Gibraltar’s views develop as the situation itself develops. 

As of last week, on a scale of 1 to 10, respondents had an average concern rating of 6.4. This is up from 5.7 on last month, when the virus admittedly wasn’t as close to home. 

Last week over 50% of you said it was ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ that Gibraltar will need to ‘shut down’ public places and areas such as schools. Whilst Gibraltar hasn’t completely shut down, we are all aware of the strong government advice to stay at home and the legal requirement for restaurants, pubs and cafes to close. However, this move must have taken some respondents by surprise as 24% didn’t see this coming. 

As of early last week, 1 in 4 had already been doomsday prepping, and of the remaining respondents who hadn’t 13% said they would as a result of the survey giving them that idea! So what were people stocking up on? Well no real surprises….food, toilet paper and medicines topped the list.


Stock up on


We also asked respondents if they would continue with a holiday if they had one booked for the end of March - 40% said no, 32% said they didn't know, and 28% said yes. We wonder if this has changed now that the coronavirus crisis has developed? 

As you are aware, it is now a legal requirement to self isolate if you have travelled from one of the infected destinations which will require many to take leave. 3 in 4 of you believe this leave should be paid and therefore additional sick leave, whilst 1 in 4 believe it should be taken as unpaid leave. We now know that businesses are working hard to enable staff to work from home but not every profession lends itself well to this. The government has recently announced they are looking into some measures to provide some relief for those who will experience a loss of income as a result of the virus. 

Finally, 40% of you do NOT think it is likely that 60-80% of the population will contract the virus, despite this prediction being made by experts. 

This week we are asking you for some recommendations to pass the time, just 6 simple questions, but it could really help some isolating families out! Check it out here 

Remember, to stay safe and follow government guidelines.