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Results: Graffiti

July 20, 2020

Results: Graffiti Image

Graffiti is literally changing the face of towns and cities around the world, and Gibraltar is no different. Graffiti is considered vandalism by some and by others, a work of art commenting on our specific culture at a specific point in time. 


Is Graffiti art?

Our survey this week explored our views on Grafitti. The first question, was simple ‘Is graffiti art?’, 9-10 said that yes, it could be considered art. The openness to graffiti by respondents was further evidenced when only 16% considered grafitti as vandalism. 


Graffiti on your private home?

Interestingly enough, 2 in 10 of the respondents think one should not have to get planning permission for a mural on the exterior of their own private home. As we understand it, if one wishes to change the appearance of their building  they need to request permission from the DPC.So, it stands to reason, that 2 in 10 respondents would disagree with this policy. 


Graffiti on Temporary Building Sites?

That being said, the majority of respondents strongly support (34%) or support (40%) the inclusion of graffiti on temporary structures like the exterior walls of building sites. Just so, because we have seen plenty of art (or vandalism) popping up. 

Graffiti on your heritage buildings?

Now, when it comes to murals/graffitti on heritage buildings, respondents are less likely to support the project. In fact, just over half of respondents oppose (14%) or strongly oppose (38%) murals/graffiti on heritage sites. A further 20% are more open to the idea but still very cautious, stating they believe the final decision depends on the design of the graffiti. 


Graffiti in Tunnels?

In regards to graffiti in tunnels, respondents were supportive (35%) or very supportive (26%). And 16% said their opinion weighed heavily on the design. Just over 1 in 10 would oppose graffiti in tunnels. 


All in all, there is a general acceptance of graffiti/murals, that can add a quirky and interesting dimension to our city corners and tunnels. We leave you with a comment from one of our respondents…


‘It is key - more so during these challenging times for all - that the images and messages depicted are positive and happy’.