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Results: Island Games, Yay or Nay?

February 11, 2020

Results: Island Games, Yay or Nay? Image

Last week’s survey was a throwback to last Summer, specifically to the Island Games held in Gibraltar in July 2019. This idea was spurred on by the recent announcement that during the week of the Island Games it is estimated that local businesses (including hotels, eateries and retail spaces), received £4.7m in revenue

So what was the view of our respondents?

Half of respondents were ‘impressed’ with this figure, whilst 38% were perhaps a little more skeptical and said they ‘needed more information’. Perhaps they wanted to know what was the usual revenue intake for local businesses during an ‘ordinary’ week in July? Or perhaps how much was spent on the event and did that balance out?

It is good to know that 3 out of 4 of respondents felt that the disruptions caused by the Games were worth it. It seems the majority of respondents were happy to put up with the road closures in return for watching family and friends compete in various sports. 

Similarly, 3 out of 4 respondents felt that ‘Gibraltar put on a good show’ and that Gibraltar should tender for another Island Games. All in all, it seems like a huge triumph for the organisers. 

This being said, half of the respondents felt that the execution and quality of the Games was affected because ‘some facilities were not completely finished’. You could think that this pretty much goes without saying, however 1 in 4 of respondents felt that the incomplete facilities did not, in fact, affect the execution of the Games.

Respondents were very complimentary of our local athletes with 80% saying they thought they performed well. Gibraltar ranked 10th of 22 countries (full results can be found on the Island Games website). 

So which sport did respondents enjoy most watching? Turns out it was beach volleyball! Beach Volleyball was a new sport for the Island Games and seemingly a people’s favourite, possibly down to the good music and beach party vibe. 

With such love for the Island Games, we wanted to see if people were considering going to Guernsey in 2021 where the next Games will be held, it seems the love doesn't stretch that far….only 27% of respondents said they would consider making the journey (and some of these may be part of a sporting team - we don’t know). 

Want to get involved in the next survey? Our next survey will be out tomorrow. (Survey will be open till the 16th Feb)