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Results: Line Wall Road Closure

May 27, 2020

Results: Line Wall Road Closure Image

Results: Line Wall Road Closure 

Last week we were able to look towards a future out of lockdown by discussing the proposed closure of Line Wall road. (Since our survey was out the GOG has announced the road will be closed on Mondays and weekends for most vehicular traffic (with the exception of buses, residents etc…) on a trial basis - this was not known to respondents at the time of completion).

We asked our Your Say members if, overall, they supported or opposed the proposed closure of Line Wall Road. The result: 42% Opposed, 39% Supported it and 19% Didn't mind either way. It’s fair to say that our respondents are pretty evenly split between opposers and supporters and that also those with a strong view (on either side of the argument) would be more likely to complete this week’s survey; this is worth noting when absorbing the results.

The survey allowed us to gain greater insight into the reasons behind the different stand points. Of all respondents, only 14% use bicycles to get around (not for exercise) and  47% say walking is their MAIN mode of transport. 

From our group of supporters, their main reasons for supporting the closure of Line Wall Road were:

  1. I generally support green policies (32%)
  2. It will lead to less AIR pollution in general (30%)
  3. It is an opportunity to make something positive out of the current pandemic (14%)

From our group of 'opposers', their main reasons for opposing the closure of Line Wall Road were:

  1. I do not think it will discourage car usage, instead deviate traffic (94%)
  2. I use the road regularly and so closing it will inconvenience me/and or household members (40%)
  3. It should be part of a wider transport plan  which could include improving public transport services (34%)

We also asked our 'opposers' what would make them more likely to support the proposal, the most popular answers were:

  1. Only one lane was closed, allowing for North bound or South bound traffic only and/or potentially a cycle or bus plane (60%)
  2. Improved/increased public bus services were introduced simultaneously (42%)
  3. The road allowed for all traffic during ‘rush hours’ but closed all other times (34%)

Whether the ‘new normal’ will entail an open or closed or partly closed Line Wall  is not for us to say, but it's interesting to note that main objection to the idea is that it seems people believe the environmental reward of the closure will not be significant and therefore opposers seem to be of the opinion that other initiatives should be explored before this one. 

This week we are launching our monthly survey for the Gibraltar Chronicle, where a prize is up for grabs! Check out our social media pages and link on our homepage ( to be in with a chance to win and also have your say on the ‘New Normal’.