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Results: Town Planner!

October 07, 2020

Results: Town Planner! Image

Results: Town Planner for 2 Minutes


Last week’s opinion poll was simple, yet fun. We presented you with several construction projects that had gone before the DPC (Development and Planning Committee) in recent months and gave you the option to respond with ‘Approve’, ‘Reject’ and ‘Don’t Know’. 


Now for the results..drum roll order of most approved!. 


  1. Football Stadium with reduced capacity of 4700 on the exiting of Victoria Stadium - 82% approval

2. Converting a farm in Lewis Battery in the upper rock into a small rural hotel within the Nature Reserve - 72% approval

3. Europa Walks, 28 homes on the site of the ex-MOD properties known as Europa Walks Estate - 68% approval 

4. North Gorge Eco Development including 45 low rise homes - 64% approval 


5. 2 Green Parks on Queensway on the site of the existing car parks - 57% approval

6. Both worlds development - 14 apartments and parking on the south end of Sandy Bay - 47% approval 

7. Line Wall Road works and beautification - 41% Approval