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Results: US Presidential Election from the Rock’s Viewpoint

November 23, 2020

Results: US Presidential Election from the Rock’s Viewpoint Image

Results: US Presidential Election from the Rock’s Viewpoint

Earlier this month we released a survey asking for your opinion on the events unfolding across the pond - namely the US Presidential Election. The results are fascinating...


  • The new president elect, Joe Biden, is 77 years old. Do you think his age is an issue for this role?


Yes 50%

No 42%

Don't know 8%

It seems for high powered polls you cannot be too young or too old. Exactly half of respondents felt the president-elect’s age, 77, was an issue for his role. He would be 81 and the end of this term and possibly 85 at the end of the second term if he runs again and is reelected. 


  • How much do you agree, if at all, with the following statement: 'The media have been unfairly negative on President Trump

Strongly Agree 16%

Agree 11%

Neutral 8%

Disagree 23%

Strongly Disagree 42%

It seems the majority of respondents (65% in total) believed that President Trump has been painted with a fair brush in regards to his press coverage. 


  • How much do you agree, if at all, with the following statement: 'There has been significant voter fraud in the latest election to the point that it has altered the final outcome in regards to winners'


Strongly Agree 8%

Agree 7%

Neutral 6%

Disagree 19%

Strongly Disagree 52%

Trump has tweeted and spoken about electoral fraud but it seems most respondents would disagree with his statements. The vast majority (71%) do not believe voter fraud has affected the outcome of the election. Even some respondents who later said they would have voted for Trump felt the same. 


  • How much of a role do you think the media/press have in forming the public's view on politicians?


On a scale of 1-10, the average was 8. This highlights the significant power of the press in regards to influencing how public figures are seen. Even in a world where politicians can directly address the public via social media platforms, the press remains to appear extremely influential.  


  • If you would have voted in this election, who would you have voted for as president?


Joe Biden 67%

Donald Trump 23%

Don’t Know 10%


It seems Joe Biden would have been more popular as leader in Gibraltar than he has been in the US and the reverse is true for Donald Trump!


  • Which politician do you think would have been the better for Gibraltar’s future?


Joe Biden 40%

Donald Trump 22%

Both the same 21%

Don't Know 18%

The responses to question 6 are particularly insightful, there were respondents who although would have voted for Joe Biden, believed that Donald Trump would have been better for Gibraltar’s future. Perhaps this is because Donald Trump has been vocal about his support for Brexit and encouraged the UK to leave Europe and strike a ‘good’ trade deal with the US. Joe Biden’s ‘predecessor’, Barack Obama, however, was not so positive. He said the UK would have to join the back of the line should they leave Europe. One must wonder where in the line we are now?


  • They say the president is the most powerful man in the world, how much impact do you think Joe Biden's election will have on you?



Very significant impact 6%

Significant Impact 14%

Somewhat of an Impact 35%

Very little impact 27%

No Impact 15%

Don't Know 3%

In a few month’s time we should know what sort of impact Joe Biden’s election will have on respondents based in Gibraltar. Most respondents believe the impact will be small (‘somewhat of an impact’ or Very little impact’. The elephant in the room is how the US will respond to the UK no longer being part of the EU, if the view is favourable then we stand to gain, if its not, then the opposite could be true.