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Results: What are your thoughts on the latest restrictions?

October 26, 2020

Results: What are your thoughts on the latest restrictions? Image

Results: What are your thoughts on the latest restrictions?

Please note this was a Your Say poll for The Chronicle and so the analysis of the following results was discussed in the 2nd November issue of The Gibraltar Chronicle, hence the format of the results. 



  • New Restriction: Maximum number of people who can meet reduced from 20 to 16


Strongly Agree 23%

Agree 24%

Neutral 25%

Disagree 14%

Strongly Disagree13%

Don't Know 1%


  • If disagreed, What are your main reasons for disagreeing?


16 is still too many, should be lower 36%

16 is too little, should be higher 7%

I do not believe there should be any limit at all 58%


  • New Restriction: Maximum number to sit at one table in a restaurant/bar/cafe reduced from 10 to 8


Strongly Agree 22%

Agree 23%

Neutral 23%

Disagree 18%

Strongly Disagree 14%

Don't Know


  • New Restriction: No live music (unless consent from Public Health)


Strongly Agree 30%

Agree 23%

Neutral 10%

Disagree 20%

Strongly Disagree 18%

Don't Know


  • New Restriction: Last orders for alcohol at 11pm and maximum one alcoholic drink per person.


Strongly Agree 36%

Agree 24%

Neutral 15%

Disagree 11%

Strongly Disagree15%

Don't Know


  • Chatham Area will have tighter restrictions: All restaurants to close 1 hour earlier (midnight), mask wearing mandatory in all areas, capacity will be determined at 3 meters per person in common area (instead of 1.5 meters)


Strongly Agree 50%

Agree 30%

Neutral 9%

Disagree 7%

Strongly Disagree 9%

Don't Know


  • If disagreed, What are you main reasons for disagreeing?


Restrictions in Chatham Area should be more limiting 10%

I do not believe Chatham should have restrictions different to other areas 0%

Restrictions are too strict 30%

I do not believe there should be any restrictions for restaurants at all 60%


  • New Restriction: It will be mandatory for any student who is on a government scholarship to be tested on arrival and quarantine for 5 days.


Strongly Agree 45%

Agree 22%

Neutral 6%

Disagree 6%

Strongly Disagree 20%

Don't Know 1%


  • How concerned are you, if at all, about covid 19? Tracker question 


Average 6.2