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Results: You 'Gotta' Work

December 01, 2019

Results: You 'Gotta' Work Image

You ‘Gotta’ Work Results


  • Overwhelming majority of respondents Loved (23%) or liked (61%) their job


  • 17% of respondents think they get paid fairly badly (15.7%) or very badly (1.4%)
  • 20% would prefer a job that paid really well, but they hated
  • Work life balance and Boss/Management topped the list of things respondents disliked about their job. Only 8.6% said they did not dislike anything about their job.


  • A whopping 82.9% of respondents said they did not recieve any career advice!
  • Less than half of us (40%) would take the offer of a 20% pay cut for a reduced 4 day week
  • 60% said their job satisfaction was much better or slightly better than it was 5 years ago.
  • 38.6% of respondents said their golden lottery number (i.e. the amount they would need to win in order to leave their jobs) was 1 million. 1.4% said they needed 15 million and no one said 20 million or more. 

Deeper Analysis

Overall the results paint a pretty good picture for the Gibraltar job market, given the fact that the majority like or love their job and think they are paid well or very well. Interestingly enough, this is the outcome despite less than 2 in 10 of us having received any real career advice before embarking on our current career path.

Arguably, job satisfaction levels could be even higher had there been proper career advice in place, but given the results it seems like not much harm has been done. In fact only 7.1% said they disliked their job and 1.4% said they hated their job.

To add to this positive assessment of work life in Gibraltar, 6 in 10 of us said our job satisfaction has increased over the last 5 years. For the purpose of analysis, it would have been interesting to see how many respondents had changed career paths in the last 5 years - this could have been the reason for the improvement in job satisfaction. 

That being said, our work lives are not perfect, only 8.6% said they liked everything about their job with the rest of our respondents selecting the following items sharing what they disliked about their job: (they were invited to select as many options as were applicable)

Deeper analysis of the above results brings to light a few key points. Firstly, it is pretty common not to like your boss/management (3 in 10). Secondly, despite Gibraltar workers being known for working shorter hours than the average working Londoner, it seems 3 in 10 of us still want a better work life balance. Also, another way we are known to be different from other larger job markets (and understandably so) is the lack of opportunity and promotion - with 1 in 4 of of citing this as an aspect of their job they do not like. We also had the option of ‘other’ where ‘admin’ was cited a number of times and ‘unequal treatment’ once. 

Moreover, in general, we put our own enjoyment of work life above salary, with approx 20% saying they would prefer a job that paid really well but hated and approx 80% saying the opposite (i.e. would prefer a job that paid really poorly, but which they loved).

The last question really inspired the whole topic, given that in the UK a working class couple won 105 million and shared their intentions to leave their jobs as a result. We asked for your golden number, i.e. what size lottery win would you need to leave your job….survey says:

Looking at the results, it seems that if 38.6% of respondents won the Government Christmas lottery this year they would be submit their resignation! However, the rest would still keep our jobs as their golden number is higher!. Of all those that said they loved their job to begin with, most of them would keep on working no matter what amount they won - good on them!

In future we want to do another work-related survey looking at shift work, average hours, whether you take home stationary from work, career changes etc… but that will be in 2020!

Tomorrow (Monday 2nd Dec) keep an eye out for last week’s ‘It’s (almost) Christmas’ survey results in The Gibraltar Chronicle. We are already in discussions with the lovely people at the chronicle on the next opinion survey which will be reported in one of their January issues.  As usual, on Tuesday(3rd Dec) we will release our next opinion survey on Social Media.