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What Gibraltar Says

Results: Island Games, Yay or Nay?

February 11, 2020

Last week’s survey was a throwback to last Summer, specifically to the Island Games held in Gibraltar in July 2019. Here's what we found out.

Results: Epidemic or Pandemic?

February 04, 2020

How prepared is Gibraltar for the Coronavirus, this week we asked you this and more..

Results: For the Love of Reading

January 21, 2020

Last week we asked you about your reading habits, whether you prefer physical books to ebook readers etc

Results: Gender Politics

January 12, 2020

Are male and female politicians held to different standards?

Results: The 'When to' of kids

December 22, 2019

When would you allow you kids, fictitious or real, to have their own mobile phone? Have their own social media account? etc

Results: Veganism & Terrorism

December 16, 2019

Results for both our veganism and terrorism surveys

Results: You 'Gotta' Work

December 01, 2019

Most of us have to, or choose to, work for a living. This week we asked you questions focusing on this aspect of your life.

The Results: Mental Health

November 17, 2019

Mental Health survey results

Results: Vaccine Survey

November 10, 2019

What did this week's respondents have to say about vaccines? Do they vaccinate in line with the GHA vaccine schedule?

Results: 4 More Years Survey

November 04, 2019

What ideas did you love? Which did you think weren't important. You spoke, and we listened - here are the results

Results: Love it or loathe it

October 25, 2019

We chose 10 large buildings around Gibraltar and asked you to rate them. Which were our respondents favourites?

Results: The vote!

October 17, 2019

What influences your decision about who to vote for? Friends? Family? Manifesto promises?